611-092 Madilyn

材質: 櫻桃木 (Cherry)

機芯: 7~8天動力

音樂: 整點報時 (Hourly strike), 西敏寺 (Westminster), 夜間靜音 (Night off)

尺寸: 高: 204公分 x 寬: 51公分 x 深: 32公分

原產地: 美國 (USA)


– Distressed Hampton Cherry finish on select hardwoods and veneers for aged appearance.
– Split bonnet pediment.
– Hinged lower door with an elegant oval opening.
– Antiqued dial features Worn Black Arabic numerals and minute and sweep seconds tracks,
antique golden-brown corner ornaments, black serpentine hands and moon arch.
– Rotating moon disk features artwork by American Hudson River School artist Thomas Cole:
“The Hunter’s Return-1845” and “Home in the Woods-1847.”
– Antique brushed brass-finished weight shells and pendulum bob on wooden stick.
– Extra-heavy seeded glass in lower door and sides; plain glass on upper door.
– Illuminated case.
– Fret-cup top side panels are removable.
– Multitiered base feature decorative cutout.
– Cable-driven, Westminster chime Kieninger movement with automatic nighttime shut-off option.
– Free brass Heirloom Nameplate will be engraved with your name and special date.
– Heirloom Record Certificate with brass-finished capsule is included.

Designed by Chris Bergelin

H. 204 cm
W. 51 cm
D. 32 cm

– 漢普頓櫻桃製作在選擇硬木和鑲板上弄復古的造型
– 分開帽子型的三角楣
– 下門樞與優雅橢圓口
– 復古鐘面展示舊黑阿拉伯數字和分鐘和秒針軌道
– 美國Hudson River 學院畫家Thomas Cole 藝術作品展示旋轉月亮盤
The Hunter’s Return-1845 和 Home in the woods-1847.
– 古典仿古刷黃銅製作鐘錘和木桿鐘擺.
– 超重種子玻璃在下門和旁邊, 普通玻璃再上門
– 光明外殼
– 可移開上面旁邊面板
– 多層次底部展示鏤刻裝飾
– 鋼絲驅動 西敏寺音樂 Kieninger 機器 自動夜間靜音功能
– 免費鍍鎳名子和日期雕刻片
– 包括免費傳家寶文件記錄和鍍鎳瓶蓋

高. 204 公分
長. 51 公分
寬. 32 公分